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of healing, hope

and freedom

for generations to come

In 2016, when we were first cited by the City of Cleveland for exterior code violations, it felt impossible to raise the money to make the necessary repairs. But God knew all along that it was not only possible, it was the necessary step for us to be able to fulfill our purpose at the corner of W 99th St. and Denison Avenue. 

Along the way, we have satisfied the City's exterior repairs, made other renovations to make our energy use more efficient, and provided haven for unsheltered people last year.


Now, as we prepare for our 125th Anniversary in 2022, we are continuing to work towards our vision of becoming a fully renovated and staffed haven of healing, hope, and freedom for artists, healers, entrepreneurs, neighbors, and change agents for generations to come.  

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We would love to give you a tour!

Our pastor and deacons are available on Sundays and throughout the week. Please call the church at 216 631-0904 or 216 236-3120 to arrange for a visit!

By mail

Checks may be made out to Denison Avenue United Church of Christ and mailed to 9900 Denison Avenue, Cleveland, OH 44102


Credit cards are happily and securely accepted via PayPal.

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