the haven at denison

Building a community of healing, hope, and freedom
for people of all races, classes, and creeds

old, comprised of escaped slaves and their indigenous hosts. Like them, we seek to be a multiracial community where people of all races, classes, and creeds:

Basic Needs • Spiritual Foundation •
Cultural Celebration • Economic Development

From its inception, Denison Avenue UCC has sought to serve as a "haven" for anyone needing a safe harbor from life's storms. Through the decades, thousands of young people have played basketball, sung in a choir, or taken part in a youth program here. In the spring of 2020, "The Haven" name emerged as unhoused, marginalized people created a sense of "home" and community in the crucible of the Covid crisis.  We saw miracles happen when people love each other unconditionally, share their stories, laugh, and cry together. 


Of course, "the Haven" will always feed people who are hungry and clothe people who are naked, as long as there are people who are hungry and naked. But "the Haven" means more to us than just providing shelter, a meal, or a hot shower or running a youth program. We are inspired by the maroon communities of