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the haven @ DENISOn united church of christ
Reclaiming our humanity
by celebrating our cultures and seeking healing and freedom for all
9900 Denison Avenue • Cleveland, OH 44102 • 216 631-0904


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Why talk about "reclaiming our humanity"? Isn't it "obvious" that we're all human, that we all bleed red? For the fortunate few, who have never been treated as less than fully human, it may be hard to understand. For the rest of us, who know what it feels like to be bullied in school, treated as "less than" at work, fear dying at a simple traffic stop, or struggle to keep the lights and gas on,
it's obvious that it is far from obvious.
Everyone is welcome here, but those of us who have been treated as "inferior" have the clearest understanding of why we have made "reclaiming our humanity" our mission.  ​
We are a community where people who have been pushed to the margins -- whether because of their race, culture, religion, gender, or sexual orientation or identity -- have reserved seats at the center.
We will always give out food and let kids play basketball in the gym.
But increasingly, we want to: 
• Celebrate our cultures to affirm who we are and where we came from, 
• Heal the trauma that we and our ancestors have gone through, and
• Work to level the playing field
to promote freedom, equity, and opportunity for all. 


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