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About Our Alcohol Policy

The United Church of Christ is one of the most liberal Christian denominations in the United States. Like most Americans, most UCC members, including most pastors, drink alcohol. We are not among the denominations that believe that drinking alcohol will keep people from going to heaven. So, why does Denison Avenue UCC have a no-alcohol rule for renters?
Historically, Denison Avenue UCC has always been an alcohol-free space. After several renters asked to bring in alcoholic beverages for their events -- and due to miscommunication about our policy, a few brought them -- the Church Council reconsidered this policy, twice. Both times, the no-alcohol policy was reaffirmed, for three reasons:
• Drug and alcohol abuse are serious problems faced by many people in our neighborhood, including many people who come to our church and outreach programs for services, and we are seeking to deepen our partnerships with organizations devoted to recovery.
• The presence of alcohol increases the church's liability for personal injury and property damage.
• Provision for the additional custodial and security costs would likely put the rental cost out of reach.
Given that we have received additional requests for permission to allow alcohol on the premises, the Church Council and Haven Boards will revisit this issue as necessary, in consultation with our neighbors and agency partners. If we do approve a change in the alcohol policy, it will likely involve a significant increase in rental fees to cover our increased custodial and security expenses.
In the meantime, we humbly ask our renters for their cooperation with our existing policy. 
Thank you for your understanding!

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